Board Chair’s Message

A note from IMCA Board Chair, Anna Hargis:

anna_hargis-photo-2014If your social media feeds look anything like mine, you'll have noticed the increasing buzz about “employee satisfaction,” fueled largely by the generational shift occurring in workplace.

A competitive salary and job security is no longer enough; the demands of employees now include things like flexible hours and workspaces, inclusive cultures and professional development. Essentially, employees are no longer the only ones having to be competitive in the workforce; now, employers must do the same. It’s an interesting transition to witness.

While IMCA doesn’t have employees, we have members. And just like the employers described above, we know that you have a choice when it comes to investing in an IMCA membership. Our goal is to provide the best educational programs, networking opportunities, conferences and awards programs for marketing and communications professionals in the insurance industry. We are constantly striving to do just that - improve the value of your IMCA membership, and help you understand all that IMCA has to offer you.

The only way to truly ensure we are meeting the demands of our diverse member base was to implement an annual survey. We wanted to identify areas of opportunity to build member value, as well as gauge shifts and trends among IMCA members.

We sent the survey last November to all members asking for input. You were asked about your role, your organization, your use of IMCA member benefits, and your challenges and focus areas for the upcoming year.

Our membership committee has analyzed the results of the survey and some of the key takeaways  included:

  • IMCA members span a broad spectrum of experience, role and company sizes, which gives you greater exposure to a varied group of people with a common interest. Survey responses did show that our membership is somewhat skewed toward carriers on the P&C side. We are exploring ways to better diversify so that IMCA is more adequately represented from all aspects of the insurance industry.
  • While we see opportunities to grow our membership base, what is more telling is the value that members find in the services currently offered by IMCA. Our members find a lot of value in the networking opportunities, educational and professional development, and creative feedback IMCA provides.
  • Of the many challenges that marketers and communicators face, the top five most important to our members are (all captioned numbers below refer to percentage of respondents):
    • Proving ROI of marketing efforts (74%)
    • Executive buy-in (42%)
    • Producing quality content (35%)
    • Identifying the right technologies for needs (32%)
    • Hiring top talent (23%)
  • Digital is king and so is the customer. The top five areas of increased spending for 2017 for our members are:
    • Analytics tools/technology (46%)
    • Customer experience/engagement (46%)
    • Social media (43%)
    • Video/multimedia (34%)
    • Email marketing (30%)
  • Our members are rethinking traditional forms of advertising. The top five areas of decreased spending for 2017 are:
    • Print advertising (47%)
    • Direct mail (36%)
    • Radio/TV ads (17%)
    • Event/tradeshow marketing (17%)
    • Online display advertising (14%)

The insights from our member survey are helping us prioritize activities. The data gathered in the survey helped us create a new IMCA Membership Snapshot flyer, which we can share with prospective members to give them a better sense of who we are and what we offer. Click here to view the flyer.

Since many of our members become aware of IMCA through their professional relationships, it is important for us to make sure our members are benefiting from their membership and spreading the word about the opportunities available through IMCA. So for me, the most important metric in the survey results was this: nearly 90 percent of respondents would recommend IMCA to a friend or colleague.

As I mentioned, our membership committee is actively working on a strategy to enhance the value you receive as a member. Because we are a volunteer-based association, there’s a good chance we’ll be asking for help with some of the initiatives. If you’ve thought about getting involved, now is a great time as we start implementing some new and exciting projects for IMCA!