Committee Chairs

Develop your skills while contributing to the legacy of IMCA

IMCA members don’t just sit on committees — they take an active role in shaping the future of the organization, as well as the insurance marketing, advertising and communications field.

Volunteering means more personal networking and more hands-on experience that builds your career. Our various committees provide a venue for you to share your expertise or hone a new skill set.

If you would like to join one of committees listed below, contact the committee chair directly or complete IMCA’s brief online Volunteer Survey . Thank you for your contribution.

Annual Conference More Info Chair: Lauri Klotz
Co-chair: Debbie Luera
Annual Conference - Speakers More Info Chair: Paula Negro
Co-chair: Emily Hathcoat
Communications & Promotions More Info Chair: Angela Kim
Co-chair: Taylor Moore
Finance More Info Chair: Emily Hathcoat
Co-chair: Anna Hargis
Co-chair: Valerie Foster
Innovation Torchbearer Award More Info Chair: Anna Hargis
Co-chair: Emily Hathcoat
Membership More Info Chair: Leslie Lash
Nominations More Info Chair: Anna Hargis
Co-chair: Emily Hathcoat
Co-chair: Valarie Foster
Showcase & SAMMY Awards, Gala and Entertainment More Info Chair: Valerie Foster
Co-chair: Tom Pytel
Sponsorship More Info Chair: John Abbott
Co-chair: Patty Dold
Webcasts More Info Chair: Jim Flynn
Co-chair: Christopher Nance
Website & Digital Marketing More Info Chair: Jim Flynn
Co-chair: John Reints