Committee Membership Survey

Following is a brief description of IMCA’s committees that are open to our active members. After you read the description of each committee, please indicate if you would like to serve on that committee, either now or sometime in the future. There's room in the space below for you to add any comments about your committee selections.

  • Onsite Volunteer Committee
    The Onsite Volunteer Committee determines the need and organizes any volunteers onsite at the Annual Conference. This is also for anyone who would like to help onsite. Onsite duties include:
    • Punching cards for the On Time game
    • Greeting speakers and helping with any AV or other needs
    • Helping with any game drawings/winners
    • Setting up Showcase SAMMY Award displays
    • Any other onsite needs as determined by the committee
  • Speaker Committee
    This committee identifies and secures potential marketing and communication business leaders in the insurance industry to educate members on trends and support the educational goals of the association. Duties includes:
    • Working with the Annual Conference Committee to understand topics and needs
    • Identifying potential speakers for the Annual Conference
    • Working with the Finance Committee on budgetary responsibilities
    • Helping to develop the Annual Conference agenda and schedule
    • Sourcing items for any speaker gifts
    • Working with the Communications Committee to help promote the agenda and presentors
  • Communications & Promotions Committee
    The Communications & Promotions Committee plans and executes all forms of communication used to promote the Annual Conference, Leadership Webcast Series, member benefits and other association objectives. Duties include:
    • Developing a plan of communication that can include e-blasts, the IMCA newsletter, social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube), the website, and printed material
    • Developing content
    • Evaluating the communications needs for the association including policies and procedures
    • Evaluate metrics to ensure the best promotions tactics are being engaged.
    • Working with all other committees to fill their promotions needs including conference logos and graphics, etc.
  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee determines the needs of current members and helps to create a plan to retain current members and recruit new members. Duties include:
    • Working with the Communications Committee on promoting member benefits
    • Determining current member needs through surveys, etc.
    • Developing a plan to retain current members
    • Engaging non-active members
    • Creating a plan to recruit new members
  • Showcase & SAMMY Awards, Gala and Entertainment Committee
    This committee organizes the IMCA Showcase Awards program, as well as coordinates onsite SAMMY Award voting at the Annual Conference and presentation of the awards during the Showcase Awards Gala. Duties include:
    • Working with the Communications Committee Develop promotional materials to encourage Showcase entries
    • Developing the awards presentation at the Annual Conference
    • Recruiting judges and coordinating the judging process.
    • Designing and producing the gala program
    • Organizing the onsite SAMMY Award displays at the Annual Conference
    • Planning the Showcase Gala and entertainment
    • Reviewing the award categories and entry process
  • Sponsorship Committee
    This committee identifies and secures potential sponsorship opportunities for both the association itself and for the Annual Conference. The committee works to provide financial support of events and the association in general. Duties include:
    • Maintaining relationships with current and past sponsors
    • Cultivating and securing new sponsors and prospects
    • Ensuring that both IMCA and the sponsor are receiving what has been promised
    • Reviewing sponsorship policies, pricing, and making recommendations to the Board
    • Maintaining website ads
  • Webcast Committee
    This committee is focused on IMCA’s Leadership Webcast Series of educational webcasts. Duties include:
    • Planning & developing webcast topics that benefit IMCA member professional growth interests
    • Working with the Speaker Committee to identify and confirm presenters and topics
    • Working with the Communications Committee to develop promotional materials
    • Working with the Finance Committee on the registration process and budgetary responsibilities
  • Website & Digital Marketing Committee
    This committee is focused on IMCA’s website and digital marketing efforts. Duties include:
    • Review current IMCA website and determine areas for updating and improvement
    • Review website analytics
    • Research marketing options that could further IMCA's mission and make recommendations to the board
    • Work with the Communications & Promotions Committee when needed
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