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How Did a Tiny Team from a Small Company Win Two Awards Its First Time Out? By Pushing The Boundaries a Bit Past What Was Comfortable.

IMCA spoke with Amy Hourigan, director of marketing and communications for HAI Group, on her team’s two IMCA Showcase Awards and...

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The Top Insurance Terms: Shipping Industry

As a continuation of our basic insurance terms series, we are focusing on common jargon of the shipping insurance industry....

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Destination – Insurance Marketing and Communications

February is Insurance Careers Month. And as insurance marketing and communications professionals, many of us can agree that though we...

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How the Marketing Team Can Keep Employees Engaged When Everyone’s Working Remotely

To put it simply, 2020 wasn’t easy--personally or professionally.  One of the biggest challenges for companies was keeping remote employees...

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The Top Insurance Terms: Marine Cargo Industry

Whether you’re just starting a marketing career in the insurance industry or have been in the same role for years,...

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How do you Win a Whopping Three IMCA Awards, Including Best in Show? One Tip: Look Beyond Current Advertising Trends

MCA spoke with Anna Hargis, director of advertising for Shelter Insurance, on her team’s IMCA award-winning projects and where she goes...

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