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There’s Something About a Sell Sheet

“Can I get a sell sheet?” However you refer to it, the sell sheet — also known as a one-pager,...

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Using Your Brand to Make an Emotional Connection

Let's discuss how branding can help us make an emotional connection with agents and clients. IMCA turned to brand strategist Derrick...

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Upgrade Your Marketing Agency Relationships from Good to Great

By Emily Hathcoat Any relationship takes work. Your marketing department’s relationship with its advertising agency or design firm is no...

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Why You Should Enter Marketing Awards Competitions

By Leslie Lash Marketing is inherently a competitive space. Our sole purpose is to drive revenue; some may disagree, but...

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What Goes Into Creating an Award-Winning Print Communications Piece? We Asked Grinnell Mutual. (They Created Two.)

IMCA spoke with Jennifer Miller, integrated marketing manager at Grinnell Mutual, about the process of putting together her team’s award-winning...

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